Electric Mountain Board, BAMBUG

South Korea’s first electric mountain board

As the only electric mountain board manufacturer in South Korea, due to difficulty of technology, there is only one store selling

completed product all over the world, Evolve. Most are created through DIY.

High Speed Drive & High Output

It could be driven at high speed of 50km/h, and may be driven in the slope of 50%

Linkage with Smartphone

In certain circumstances, the mountain board may be controlled through smartphone app, and user

settings may be changed through smartphone app.

Smooth Start & Stop

With smooth start and stop without repulsion,

original algorithm for novices to easily apply

was developed.

BAMBUG Inc. I CEO: Ahn Byeong HoonBusiness Registration Number : 311-88-00612

Tel : 070-4121-4099 I Email : teambambug_jm@naver.com

Address: 403(Sadong), 44, Seonjin 6-gil, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do